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Classes at River Green Academy

Our childcare classes use an Abeka curriculum. This is our first time using it . If you have any thoughts on it please see us!


This classroom is going to be filled with fun and love. Babies are learning about their environment. They are learning how to communicate and interact with adults. These babies will be nurtured and loved while encouraged to develop. Daily reports will be filled out letting the parents know about their littlest one's day.


This classroom is going to be filled with little tykes on the go! They are mobile now. These little ones love music, stories, and playing. Interacting with others is beginning in this class. This is a high energy class and boo-boos will happen. This is part of learning their bodies and environments. Your daily report will list everything that has been going on.

2s and 3s or Preschoolers

These classes are separated by age. There will begin to be more structure in these classes. Children crave routine and structure to help them go about their day. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn through playing. These ages learn best by playing. There will be learning centers and lots of love and praise. This encourages them to start to become independent.

Georgia Pre-K

These are 4 year old students ready to learn and get ready for Kindergarten. They will have structure and learning stations. Georgia's Bright From the Start is our governing body who sets forth guidelines we will follow to get these children ready for their big entry into elementary school. Our Georgia Pre-K teachers are teachers with a college degree in education. Each class also has an assistant. There will not be more than 22 students in our GA Pre-K Classes. For more information on Bright From the Start click here.

Private Pre-K

We weren't able to start this new class for the current school year. We are very interested in starting one! Please let us know if you are interested in a private pre-k class!

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